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need growth

The global content marketing industry is expected to grow by US$417.85 billion during 2021-2025 with a CAGR of almost 16%*.

Convo Ink revolutionises content marketing by bringing marketers, content writers and publishers together in a simple platform that delivers content to audiences with unprecedented precision and scale.

* Global market research company Technavio, August 2021.

Advertisers need impact.

Today’s consumers are interacting in a busy, noisy, cross device, always on world. To get cut through you need a new way to tell your brand story.

Engaging, captivating and converting your target audience through the power of story telling through Convo Ink's high impact format will drive effective brand engagement and conversion.

Advertisers need easy.

The Convo Ink smart content marketing engine uses simple drag and drop functionality, enabling marketers to create branded content formats in minutes.

The platform generates content formats that can be distributed across a network of mobile, desktop and digital out of home publishers with a level of precision and scale never before seen in the content marketing industry.

Advertisers need results.

One platform to build, target and track content marketing delivers advertisers the clear and transparent tracking of results to test, learn and optimise their content marketing campaigns with Convo Ink.

The platform is simple and intuitive allowing marketers and advertisers to act with speed scale and precision.

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