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The way a captivating tale, a must-read yarn or insightful take can help brands engage and build better emotional connections with their audiences. In a busy world full of words and noise, great stories and powerful content have the power to stop people in their tracks – changing the way they read, think, and behave.

To help craft and enable these moments, Convo Ink has created a simple-to-use platform that allows us to tell your stories and distribute them at scale using multiple data points to accurately inform the content creation process.
This combined with our global network of writers and sequential targeting creates more time with audiences – forming real connections across multiple formats including mobile, desktop and digital out of home.

By making it easy to capture attention and transform this into action – our approach ensures your content connects with audiences more accurately, and for longer than ever before.


The way we add value to people in the digital ecosystem is through the design and distribution of stories that serve, inspire and entertain.
In everything we do, we believe advertising should add value to people. We believe in building positive human impressions, contributing to a more equitable digital ecosystem.
We happen to have created the technology that makes the sharing of stories simple.

Convo Ink’s Quality Attention Score (QAS)


Our evolved QAS in 2023 is the most comprehensive view of audience attention, cross referencing multiple campaign measures to provide the most accurate attention representation to date


Convo Ink delivers a wide range of content & campaign data sets, allowing for a deeper understanding of areas where content performance can be improved


Campaign measures are easily understood through the use of indexing and can be compared to both Convo Ink and industry-specific benchmarks


Actionable attention data allows clients to make real time campaign decisions, improving performance in minutes not months

“We experience superior on site engagement from the Convo unit versus native, display and video units.”

Joe Charlesworth

Head of CX & Insights @ Numobile

“The Convo team were great to work with, and the collaborative creative process was seamless.”

Ash Grier

Marketing Director, APAC

“The ability to talk to a select audience in new environments lifted the inquiries at the sales office.”

Bryce Morley

Managing Director



Improve your programmatic strategy by incorporating engaging content units that build stronger connections with audiences through the strength of storytelling.
Convo Ink delivery includes content design, creation & weekly content reporting metrics. We supply the tags, allowing you to buy through your DSP!


For the ultimate ease of cross-channel content strategy, design and implementation, you can work with Convo via our managed service.
We look after the full campaign design and recommendation, and once approved, the Convo Ink delivery includes content design, creation, publishermix, targeting, contextual alignments and full campaign management, including weekly content reporting metrics and optimisations.
2023 is shaping up to be the year of HEO - 'human emotion optimisation.' Because let's face it, who wants to read a story optimised for a search engine? No thanks, we'll stick to creating stories with substance for humans.

Aaron MacArthur

Founder & CEO @ Convo Ink

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